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Telephone sales and support office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.   We are closed on major holidays, and we may be closed or have reduced hours the day before or the day after a major holiday.  See for additional information on contacting Bee.Net for sales and technical support.

E-mail to is often monitored and responded to during non-office hours.


Value Standard

monthly $40.00 $50.00 $75.00
quarterly $110.00 $140.00 $210.00
Best Value!                  yearly $400.00 $500.00 $750.00
 One Time Set-Up Fee $50.00 $75.00 $100.00

In addition to our excellent support services and hosting on our high availability network,  the following features are included in the package pricing: 

Website Hosting and Maintenance
registration of new domain name, or transfer of domain name from current registration service (see below for registration service fees):  yes yes yes
Registration Service Provider fees.   See for details on registrations and renewals using Bee.Net as your RSP. $15.00/year
w/5 year registration or
renewal, $20.00
w/5 year registration or renewal, $20.00
w/5 year registration or renewal, $20.00
Microsoft Windows hosting yes yes yes
password protected, unlimited 24/7 FTP access for editing site, using any Internet access account (not activated if Microsoft FrontPage extensions are slected). yes yes yes
website storage space 100MB 200MB 200MB
monthly bandwidth allowance 2GB 5GB 5GB
toll free phone and e-mail technical support yes yes yes

E-mail features
number of separate e-mail accounts included in pricing 4
mailbox size (each) 1GB
additional e-mail boxes $5/month, $15/quarter or $50/year
Advanced Postini spam and virus filtering yes
access to e-mail from any Internet access account via any Internet mail software (such as Outlook Express) or yes
vacation message / auto responder feature yes
mail forwarding option - forward e-mail to your  other e-mail account(s). yes
Website Marketing / Tracking Features   
listing in Bee.Net Website Gallery yes yes yes
Webtrends website statistics - updated
Website Developer Product Support 
  • Bee.Net will discuss your needs with you and/or your webmaster before quoting you on Bee.Net service fees.  Website environment changes may require that your site be moved to a different server.
  • The features are included in package pricing unless otherwise noted.
  • Bee.Net supports both Microsoft Server server hosting - and supports substantially all common website environment features.  Please ask if you do not see a specific feature listed.
  • Not all features are available for use when certain other features are activated.  Please discuss all of your current and expected known future website feature needs with Bee.Net.  
form to e-mail processing using Bee.Net provided ASP script  yes yes yes
Microsoft FrontPage server extensions - yes yes
Microsoft ASP  - yes yes
   1.0 & 2.0
- - yes
MDAC 2.x and ODBC database connector support for Microsoft Access mdb files  - yes yes
Microsoft SQL Server 7.X or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 support (includes 30MB database space) - $50.00 setup, plus
$25.00/month, $70.00/quarter
or $250.00/year
$50.00 setup, plus
$25.00/month, $70.00/quarter
or $250.00/year
CDONT / Microsoft SMTP  - yes yes
PHP (Windows server) - yes yes
Active State Perl support    yes yes
MySql  (Windows server) -
Verisign or Thawte SSL encryption for form processing or shopping cart support - using your own certificate.  Pricing for certificate varies - discuss with Bee.Net $50 setup fee, plus
$10/month, $30/quarter
or $100/year
(does not include annual certificate cost)
$50 setup fee, plus
$10/month, $30/quarter
or $100/year
(does not include annual certificate cost)
(does not include annual certificate cost)
additional domain name pointing to same content $5/month, $15/quarter
or $50/year
$5/month, $15/quarter
or $50/year
$5/month, $15/quarter
or $50/year
Additional  Website Resources  
additional storage space $10/100MB/month
additional bandwidth $25/GB/month
Add Dial Up Internet Access  
dialup modem Internet access - interactive use only, pricing per user 
This discounted pricing is available if the related services are included in the same billing and payment as the website.  
(see for Bee.Net's listing of access phone numbers)

ISDN Internet access - interactive use only, pricing per user,  (does not include Verizon fees) $34.95/month, $99.00/quarter
or $370.00/year

Use of the services, software and underlying systems provided by Bee.Net and its vendors constitutes acceptance of Bee.Net's Service Agreement

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